How old do I have to be to take part in the Volume X Festival?

The Volume X Festival is only open to people aged 18 and over.

Is it possible to take part in the festival if I am under 18?

No. It is not possible to take part in the festival if you are under 18 years old. Not even with a declaration of consent from your parents or accompanied by them. If you have a ticket and are underage, this does not entitle you to take part in the Volume X Festival. We ask for your understanding.

Can I go to the Volume X Festival without a valid identity card?

No, due to the minimum age you will only be admitted to the Volume X Festival with a valid identity card.

Will there be a security service at the Volume X Festival?

Yes, a security service will be on site throughout the weekend.

Is the campsite open all the time?

Yes, you can enter and leave the campsite at any time.

Are caravans or motorhomes permitted on the campsite?

Yes, you can take your caravan or motorhome onto the campsite. However, they must have a car licence. Lorry registrations are not permitted. There will be per. A vehicle sticker is required for each caravan/motorhome. You can find these in the ticket shop
This year we do not differentiate between guests with or without a vehicle. Everyone shares the same campsite. Our stewards will guide you to a suitable pitch.
Please note that it will only be possible to keep pitches free for others to a certain extent.
If possible, please travel in a group.

Can I drive onto the camping site by car?

Yes, you can take your car onto the campsite. However, it must be registered as a car. Lorry registrations are not permitted. One vehicle sticker is required per car.
You can find these in the ticket shop
This year we do not differentiate between guests with or without a vehicle. Everyone shares the same campsite. Our stewards will guide you to a suitable pitch.
Please note that it will only be possible to keep pitches free for others to a certain extent.
If possible, please travel in a group.

Am I allowed to barbecue on the campsite?

Barbecuing is permitted from 11:00 to 22:00.
If we have exceptionally high temperatures and a very dry period, there is a possibility that barbecuing will be restricted.

Are emergency generators allowed on the campsite?

Emergency generators up to 2.5 kw are permitted. These and the corresponding fire extinguisher must be presented at the entrance.

Are PA systems and/or battery-powered loudspeakers permitted?

PAs are prohibited. Battery-operated Bluetooth speakers are permitted. From 05:00 in the morning the music must be switched off or only at room volume.

Are glass bottles allowed?

No, please refrain from taking glass bottles onto the camping site. The area will be used for agricultural purposes again after the festival. Broken glass could harm animal welfare.

Are bulky items allowed?

If you want to take bulky items (sofas, pallets etc.) onto the festival site, a deposit of 20 euros will be charged. This will be refunded as soon as you leave the site with the bulky items.

Can I buy drinks and food at Volume X?

Yes, it is possible to buy food and drink on the festival site. We are currently looking for a solution to enable you to buy food even when the festival site is closed.


Information on the cashless system

There is a cashless payment system at the Volume X Festival. You can easily pay at drinks and food stands with the chip on your festival wristband. This eliminates the need to lug around annoying wallets and we shorten the waiting time at all stands. Here is the most important information:

- Can I top up credit on site?
This year you can also top up your band on site. There is a cashless top-up hut where you can top up your credit with cash or card. As your ticket is already linked to your wristband when you enter, you don't need to give your ticket ID. Simply state the amount, pay and hold your chip to the scanner mobile phone. Your wristband is then topped up.

– Kann ich vor Ort Guthaben aufladen?
In diesem Jahr kann man auch vor Ort sein Band aufladen. Es gibt eine Cashless-Top-Hütte, bei der du mit Bargeld aber auch mit Karte dein Guthaben aufladen kannst. Da dein Ticket bereits beim Einlass mit dem Band verknüpft wird, brauchst du nicht deine Ticket-ID nennen. Einfach den Betrag nennen, bezahlen und dein Chip an das Scanner-Handy halten. Danach ist dein Band aufgeladen.

- Can I view my credit balance?
You can view your credit balance at cashless.volume-x-event.de. Your remaining credit is displayed on site after each payment process. However, you can also simply ask our staff and have your credit displayed.

- Where do I get in touch if I have a problem?
Simply go to the info point on the festival site. This is where you can top up your credit.

- How can I have my remaining credit paid out after the festival?
Two weeks after the end of the event, all ticket holders will receive an overview of all transactions made and any remaining credit to their registered e-mail address.
A remaining balance of 10 euros or more can be paid out without any problems. For this purpose, there is a link in the e-mail where an IBAN can be entered. In addition, the payout process will be faster this year than last year.

Can I take my own drinks onto the festival site?

No, this is not permitted. Please consume your own drinks on the campsite.


Is the festival site open all the time?

The festival site opens on 21 June at 17:00 and closes at 05:00.
The following day, the site opens for campers at 13:00 and for everyone else at 16:00.
There will be a beer pong tournament from 13:00 to 16:00.

Are my tickets personalised?

Yes, all admission tickets are personalised. The name on vehicle badges and beer pong tickets is not relevant. This is for support purposes only.

Can I personalise my ticket?

Yes, this is possible. Please send us an e-mail from the address with which the ticket was purchased with the following information about the ticket to be forwarded:
Ticket ID (located at the bottom right of the ticket)
First name and surname

And the following information about the new owner:
First name and surname
E-mail address
Street, house number
Postcode, town
Optional: Reason

to support@volume-x-event.de

Please note that there may be longer response times during the festival. However, it is also possible to change your personalisation on site. Please contact the check-in desk.

Can I show my tickets with my smartphone?

Yes, that is possible. Please make sure that your QR code is easy to read.


What should I do if I have lost my ticket?

You can request your ticket again on the following page: cashless.volume-x-event.de
If you have any problems, please contact support@volume-x-event.de or during the festival at the check-in or info point.

Does parking cost anything?

Yes, there is a charge for parking this year. This will cost €5.00 per vehicle.
Parking spaces are limited, so we cannot guarantee a secure parking space.
Car parking directly at the campsite costs 8,50€. A badge for this can be purchased in the ticket shop.

Can I park on the street?

No, the road is intended for access and egress. Parked cars on the roadside would restrict traffic too much.

Does it cost money to use the toilets?

No, the toilets are freely accessible.

Where can I hand in lost property?

Please bring them to the Info-Point at the festival site. After the festival, the lost property office in Viöl is responsible. You can find more information here: https://www.amt-vioel.de/index.php?object=tx,3501.2.1&ModID=10&FID=3501.299.1

Will there be a cloakroom?

No, there will be no cloakroom at the Volume X Festival.

What can't be taken to the Volume X Festival?

Drugs, weapons, illegal substances and pets are strictly prohibited. Drinks and food that you have brought with you are only permitted on the camping site.

Can you buy cigarettes or vapes?

Unfortunately, cigarettes cannot be purchased. However, we are offering vapes this year. You can buy them on the festival site.

Is there a merchandising stand on the festival site?

Yes there is. You can buy the following items here: T-shirt, hoodie, oversized shirt, baseball cap, snapback and bag.